Stepping Up

Another thing I should probably get used to

Ginny had a rather unpleasant fall yesterday. The horse she was riding responded less than favourably to a jab with her spurs, which resulted in couple of well placed bucks and ginny flying into the air and landing hard. She was okay yesterday evening, but ended up having to leave the yard within half an hour of coming down this morning.

So it was up to us to sort out the day. I stepped up and made a plan. And, much to my own surprise, everything went really well. I taught a jump lesson for eight this morning, for a mixed ability group. It included teaching one girl how to canter, and for the rest altering the height of the jump according to their experience and ability. It went brilliantly and all the riders had a great time judging by their expressions. The horses were fantastic and worked really hard, and I was delighted to have had no falls and a successful lesson all round.

This afternoon we had four people remain on the yard with us, so we went for another ride. This time we had a trotting trek which was a lot of fun as all of the girls were happy and chatty and bubbly despite the drizzle. When we got back from that, I taught another girl to canter and everyone had a go at different things while cantering. With one girl it was encouraging the pony to slow his canter down, with another girl I asked her to focus on keeping a steady rhythm for an entire circuit without letting the horse break and so on.

Having had such a successful day on the yard, I then came back to the house to prepare dinner for eleven people. Anita had told me earlier what she wanted me to make up, but when I got to the house I found that the potatoes she’d wanted me to cook were nearly all gone over. The smell when I opened the bags was awful and they’d mostly exploded in the bags. So I binned those! I managed to save a few though. Sonny thought on his feet and suggested I make a pan of rice and vegetables instead. It was a good plan, so I did exactly that.

Everything went down well, the pizza, the rice, the salad. So I think dinner was another successful venture to add to my day. I even remembered to save a plateful for Ginny in case she was hungry later. Good? Yeah, doesn’t even come close right?

I also got to ride the lovely Cookie again today who was very responsive out on the trek and trotted beautifully. We also cantered in the arena which went fine, but I ended up hopping off so I could help one of the girls with her first canter instead. I would have got back on to continue working her, but with all the kids in there needing different instructions and levels of awareness I figured I’d save that for another day, when I had more time to concentrate on what I was doing and didn’t have to worry about whether anyone else was staying on or not.

Today was a pretty good end to the week for me though and it has reassured me that I definitely can take charge and step up to the mark when I need to. Taking on the responsibility of organising everything and making decisions about who was doing what was weird at first, but I felt easy enough about it by the end of the day. So I reckon I’ll be just fine come the end of the summer.



Any thoughts?

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