Megan and Ginny’s Big Day Out

Adventuring we did go!

It was my long awaited day off today and much to my joy and excitement I found that Ginny was also off. So we decided to go exploring and have a girly adventure trip.

We originally headed out towards Glengarriff, south of Kenmare with the plan of visiting an island by ferry. The journey alone was super exciting as we drove through several really cool rock tunnels. I like tunnels, they’re kinda cool.

When we reached glengarriff, however, we got a little confused about where we were supposed to go to find the ferry to get to the island. And then we saw a sign that said “Healy Pass”.  For those of you that don’t know, Healy is my surname so naturally I squeaked, and we elected to go that way and see what turned up in front of us. We drove for a way, following the road and taking in the rather glorious scenery. Neither of us had been down that way before, so we were both oohing and aahing at everything.

Ginny got very excited at one point about some rocks and folds in the mountains, which I didn’t entirely understand, but I was happy for her all the same. And despite the fact that I didn’t really get what she was telling me about how the folds formed etc, I still found it all rather beautiful to look at. So we were both happy.

Eventually we decided to pull in and stop for lunch. After clambering in a rather undignified manner up some rocks and a hill, we found a nice large flat rock to sit on and enjoy lunch, taking in the spectacular views the whole time.

From our lunchtime vantage point we could see a rock higher up that looked like it was balancing on the edge of a rocky precipice. Turning to each other we voiced the same thought. “I really want to stand on that rock.” So, taking it in turns to leave the lunch area, we clambered up some more rocks to reach the exciting new rock. And stood on it, with pride and power. It was actually less dangerous than it sounds as the rock was extremely solid and not going anywhere at all.

We continued along the same road (having scrambled back down) and discovered, much to my joy, that we were in fact already in the awesome Healy Pass. Yay! There was a sign and everything…

And the views from the top were pretty incredible. Turns out, the top of Healy Pass is actually the border between Kerry and Cork, which is pretty cool. And, to top off the exciting and awesome stuff, the pass was named for a guy called Timothy Healy and was originally known as “The Tim Healy Pass”. Which is my lovely dad’s name…how cool is that?! I got rather excited at this point and jumped around a bit squeaking “that’s so awesome” which earned me a fair few weird looks from more local passers by, but I didn’t care. I thought it was cool.

It was just stunning up there though, I loved it. Ginny and I were talking about how we sometimes get caught out by the beauty of this place. I told her how I sometimes forget that I get to live here and don’t quite believe my own head when I think “yeah, and you don’t have to leave”. To live somewhere so amazingly beautiful and untouched is such a privilege. And I’m so happy to be as lucky as I am that I get to do that.

Mountains and lakes? Yes please.

Although we must beware of the wild sheep. Actually, the sheep in Healy Pass were rather rude and didn’t respond to any of my greetings today. I was rather put out by the whole affair. Until Ginny produced strawberries for lunch that is. Then I was all good.

Happy day.


Any thoughts?

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