I Apologise Too Much

I’m sorry but it has to stop..

Oh right, yeah. My bad.

Once again I have left a considerable number of days between posts. Perhaps it would be better for all of us if we just accept that I will no longer be posting daily, or even every other day. Or even weekly sometimes. Yes, I’ve got a little lax with the blog writing. And yes, sometimes I sit at my laptop and start writing before deleting everything because I just don’t want to anymore. But for the most part it’s because I finish work, shower, eat and crash out. I’m afraid my thoughts are rarely more than jumble sale material by the end of the day. Today Adele showed me the list of films on her hard-drive for me to pick one to watch, and I couldn’t even read them properly because my brain wouldn’t process the words.

So, sorry not sorry for the lack of writing.

I do not have anything of particular importance to impart to you. Skelatchi is doing well on his fitness programme. I lunged and rode him yesterday and he felt better than he ever has despite being a fat and still unfit lump of a horse. He worked really hard and clearly struggled towards the end (that’ll be the fat part) but his movement was better than I’ve ever felt it. His trot actually had a rhythm, and his canter was fairly easy and smooth. I’m impressed with how well he’s taken the whole being plunged back into work thing. I’ve tried to take it easy on him, gradually increasing what he’s doing. But he seems happier when he works, and he responds so well to it. I’m happy with him. Plus, despite the fat, he’s still super handsome and cute.

Monday also saw me in a very undignified position as Adele and I put our two year old through a weight bearing exercise. Which mostly involved me dangling across her back, pressing my belly rather uncomfortably into a hard leather saddle and trying not to let my legs move too much when she walked, to help her adjust to the feeling and the balance. So that was fun.

I also did some more trotting with her on the lead rein, which she has now got down perfectly. She’s such a fast learning little thing. We’re so impressed with her and how well she’s coped with everything. The other day we had a huge digger on site, helping redirect some drainage in the paddocks and Maggie just stood there in the arena, resting one hind leg, ears all floppy, not bothered by it in the slightest. Such an amazing little filly. Cute too.

Adele also introduced her to some rein work on Monday, steering her in circles using the reins and encouraging her to stop when the reins are pulled back. She’s getting it, and I reckon she’s going to be a real gem of a horse! Better than Gem, that’s for sure.

There is little else to report at present except to say that now that Sonny has gone back to University and Jeremy has gone to France for a week or so, the house is eerily quiet. It’s strange, but not without merit as there is now chance to find time to oneself. The yard is quiet these days too, giving Adele and myself plenty of time to work with the horses and basically just get shit done. We’ve been enjoying ourselves, muddling along and finishing off every day feeling productive. And of course, the horses are all so lovely. They make me smile.

I think I shall leave it there, dear ones. Here is my parting shot, quite literally. The sky was exceptionally pretty this evening. I stepped out to catch a breath, looked up and couldn’t help but smile. Until Juan scared the life out of me by speaking when I didn’t realise he was out there! Eep.


Any thoughts?

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