Me Time


And much needed too!

Adele and I have had to switch our days off to be during the week now that the summer season is over and weekends will become a busier time for us. Which meant I ended up with today to myself.

I was thankful for the lie in. I slept like a baby last night. I was vaguely aware of the others getting up and going to work, but didn’t wake properly until later. And I awoke feeling refreshed and content. I didn’t realise how much I needed to sleep so deep. I then had the luxury of a cup of tea in bed, with a book. Oh sweet bliss.

Having neglected my task of peeling and cutting runner beans last night in favour of wine, pasta and a girly movie with Adele and Juan, I took up the job with full vigour after a shower this morning. The bowl of beans was quickly conquered and it was only after accomplishing that great feat that I felt able to head into Killarney to sort out some stuff!

Hurrah for helpful Irish dudes in Carphone Warehouse.

Me: “Hello, I’m living here for a while and I need an Irish phone number please”

My new friend Paul: “Okay easy, is your phone unlocked?”

Me: “What?”

And so the conversation continued. Poor old Paul was very patient and helpful. He checked whether my phone was unlocked for me by using his own SIM card and calling it. He then talked me through my options when it came to networks with coverage out here and when he looked at my face as he started talking about Mb and Gb of data, I think he realised he should just make the call rather than try to explain it. Bless. In the end, I came away with success. I have an Irish SIM. A new number. And INTERNET ON MY PHONE. For the first time in two months. Wooooooooo.

I then spent too much money in Boots because I needed more than I realised, and then some more money on clothes. Because I wanted to. Only a nice shirt and two jumpers, but still. I was treating myself for a change.

On the way home, however, is when I caught myself some much needed ‘me time’. I decided to stop on the way back rather than just driving straight through. So I pulled in at a rather popular spot. But it’s popular for a reason. The view is rather stunning and I just wanted to sit and take it in for a while. So instead of sitting on the wall where everyone else had parked and stopped to take photos, I wandered up the road a bit and found a sort of path leading down from the road, out onto some rocks. And I sat on those rocks and drank in the beauty.

I sat there for a good while actually, just looking. I can’t even remember what I was thinking about, I just sat there. I greeted a few other people that were coming and going, but mostly I sat still and felt everything just stop moving. Sitting there with that view centred me, made me feel totally easy, like every bad feeling I’ve ever had just poured out through my toes and ran away down the hill.

On the way back up the hill I managed to headbutt a fuschia plant that was overgrown on the path. Unfortunately I knocked several of the blooms off onto the ground where they looked a little sad. But the plant itself was a beauty. So many flowers! Just gorgeous. Fuschia reminds me of being a kid, a little kid. When we lived in Hereford we had a fuschia plant and a broom plant in the front garden. I remember standing underneath the glowing pink and glorious yellow and looking up at them. I also remember my Mum telling me off for popping the fuschia buds before they were ready. But that’s beside the point. Fuschia is nostalgic for me. I like it.

This evening has been very pleasant too. We had dinner, just the five of us, accompanied by much clinking of glasses and quiet laughter over one thing or another. Adele, Neat and I sat after dinner and chatted. I feel very lucky to be able to be friends with the people I work with. Sitting and having a happy meal with laughter and conversation is always a good end to the day but when you know that it’s your fellow workers and employers who are feeling so much like family, it just feels that bit better.

Tomorrow calls me back to the yard. Am I sad? Hell no. Horses.

Come on now.


Any thoughts?

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