A Moment

One that matters

She turns to glare at her phone. Kelly Clarkson belts out “…I’m nothing without you…” She puts her fork down and reaches over to change the song.
“Bullshit” she replies.
You are everything just as you are. To think otherwise belittles yourself.

As she sits there eating her lunch, looking out at her second favourite view, a smile spreads slowly across her face until she finds she is grinning wide. Her heart lifts and swells, full of the beauty in front of her and she feels her mind shift and relax. All thoughts are banished
 for that one shining moment of recognition, realisation and remembering. She is in love. With who, you ask? No, my friend, that is the wrong question. Rather ask, with what? Why, with her very life of course. With this beautiful existence and knowledge of her own vitality. She is strong, free and oh so alive.

She sighs with satisfaction at this understanding and finds herself wondering, “why have I never realised this before?”

There are some moments in life that will help you and others that will hold you back. There are also moments that just hang there and leave you fighting the cold they bring. It is not always easy to fully appreciate the point of these moments. We get it wrong, we get confused. Stepping back allows us to see how stupid we can be to get it all so backwards. But this is what it is to be human.

She knows that this moment is one which will help, and which will leave her full of warmth rather than battling cold winds. She laughs quietly. It helps that the sun beats down with golden heat which soaks into her skin and fills her with the feeling of summer, the memories of days gone by and the promise of things yet to come.

She looks up at the sky, marvelling at the change in blue hues, smiling at the magic of nature. And she wonders how many others are fortunate enough to know this feeling. And how many of those are able to embrace it and fall into the incredible whirling chaos of their own lives with dancing eyes and love in their hearts.

Do not fret over those little moments, those ones that hold you back. Those times that make you sad or angry or hurt. Instead, feel every drop of the moments that lift your soul and send you soaring into joy. Those are the moments that matter, the ones we should hold on to.

And keep in mind that it does not matter if the moments that matter to you are different from those of others. That is as it should be. If something brings you the kind of joy that makes your life seem somehow larger and full of meaning, then why should it matter if that is not the same as your neighbour? It does not. Do not forget though to keep those things, those moments, within reach. That way you can find yourself in love with life every day, falling freely and beautifully through the world.

Let the days come. Let the moments cascade over you. Take the step, that momentous leap of faith, with your eyes wide open. Dare to do it.

Fall in love with your life.


Any thoughts?

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