In Which Megan Waxes Lyrical


Guess what. Yeah, you got it. I rode Skooch today. And he was a diamond. As always. Like I said the other day, I can always rely on him to cheer me up and make me feel like I’m doing something right. He listens so beautifully and always tries his hardest. Today we got some really nice connected trot, and even a bit of canter into a contact. Exciting stuff! He did turn on the forehand in both directions, although due to his muscle soreness, going from the left is harder for him. He still tried though. We also did some transition work, going from walk to trot to halt to trot to walk to canter. And he was a superstar. I also slipped him the reins at the end and let him trot around with a loose rein. He took full advantage and practically dragged his nose along the floor, but continued trotting. Such a good boy. I find I have to talk to him a lot while I ride him though, he seems to respond better when I do. I guess it reassures him that I’m still there and everything is okay. I try to praise him a lot, when he does it right, as it seems to encourage him to try again. So he’ll never be a dressage horse! But he’s coming on well enough for the time being. We were both pretty sweaty after our workout today though. Peeuw.

And then he went and had a good old roll. He was wriggling around for a good while actually, grunting and groaning the entire time. It made me giggle.

In the coming week we have hay, shavings and the farrier coming to visit. When I say visit, the farrier will be doing the visiting and sorting out some feet for me. But the hay and shavings will be here to stay. At least, until it gets used up. Hurrah fresh hay. Hurrah fresh bedding. Lord knows we need the bedding. Bloody Smokey and Djembe having to be in every night means we’re getting through more than we should, and they both make SUCH a mess as well. This morning my heart sank right through the floor when I opened their doors. It takes so long to clean up, and the smell is just, oh god don’t get me started.

In other news, I’ve been thinking through some ideas for the Halloween Camp, to keep the girls busy, learning and having fun for the week. I’ve also been writing some letters the past couple of evenings which feels good. I like writing letters. I like receiving them too. There’s something about a handwritten letter. You can’t beat it.

And in two weeks, Adele comes back. Not that I’m counting down or anything…

I don’t miss her. Shut up!


Any thoughts?

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