Fewer Arseholes

The horses are starting to behave again!

Wooho. It’s a miracle. All of a sudden, they’ve switched back to being good as gold. I don’t know what was going on with them. Maybe it just took me growling and running straight at them to give them the hint that it would be easier to just do what I asked in the first place. Who knows. Bloody horses.

Anyways. Adele is still gone. I am still allll byyyy myyyseeeelllfff. You may feel sympathy at this point if you wish. If not, fine, be that way.
The farrier has been. Full sets for two horses, fronts for two others, and trims for two horses and Wendy the donkey. Excellent stuff. He’ll be coming back in October to do all the rest and check everyone over before the pony camp so that the horses are all in tip top working order. We also received our delivery of 40 large hay bales (you know you’re a horsey person when the sight of a huge lorry laden with hay is one of the most beautiful things ever) as well as a huge load of shavings for bedding. Athos is building me a new cover for the shavings so that they are more easily accessible and the hay is being rolled down one bale at a time into a large container where it will stay dry and fresh. Lovely stuff. Happy Meg, happy horses, happy yard.

I baked again on my most recent day off, ginger cupcakes. Yum yum! It was good to bake again, it’s been a while. A good therapeutic session for me. And yesterday I took out two treks. I know, two in one day! I almost forgot what I was supposed to be, it’s been so long since I had a trek. Fortunately both groups were small, and very pleasant to ride with. So although it scuppered my plans for the day with Skooch and Cleo and Maggie, it was still productive and nice enough.

And today it was raining this morning. I looked out and said “nope”. I sorted out the horses and donkeys as per, but then retreated to the office with Anita and sat in the dry with a cup of tea and the internet. The boys all went coasteering this morning so it was just me and Neat for the day. She returned to the house to do ironing after lunch, so I pottered around on my own and ended up massaging Skooch and riding Cleo. I was going to ride both of them, but when I started brushing Skooch’s back he flinched. I decided to take it easy on him, so I gave him a nice gentle massage all across his back and hindquarters and then used the tricks I was taught back at college to do some stretches with him. He loved it! He was licking his lips, dropping his lower lip to the floor, farting, snorting, the whole lot. Afterwards, when I gave him a pat and stepped back to let him know he could walk off if he wanted, he swung his head around and looked at me with that telltale “Who said you could stop?” expression. Cutie.

Cleo, on the other hand, was not going to get such luxury. I hopped on board and made that mare work. She’s got a bit fat and lazy of late and seems to think that means she doesn’t have to listen to her ride or put any effort in at all. So I got her working, listening to my leg and moving forward nicely. She softened well and established a good rhythm in all three paces. I’d set some jumps up earlier in the day, anticipating the ride, in the hope that she’d be working well enough to pop over a couple of fences. I was happy with her, so cantered a circle and then popped her over a cross pole. Easy peasy. She landed on the right leg, so we came around and hopped over it again. She was really smooth today, none of the silly bouncing when she lands. And no cat leaps. I was sure to give her the reins as we took off, so that she knew I wasn’t going to snatch back at her mouth. And she seemed happy with that. Having warmed up over the cross pole a few times in each direction, all successfully, I took her around to the slightly higher vertical I’d put up. Jumping on your own is a pain, because you can’t raise or change the jumps without having to get off. And if you knock it down, well, pfft! Fortunately, Cleo was on top form today and cleared the vertical with room to spare. She really picked up off the ground and soared over. She ran out once, the first time we came from the other direction, but when I took her back around she popped over with only the slightest bit of hesitation. She’s easier to jump from the left. Definitely. I was really happy though, as she worked hard for me and we achieved everything I’d aimed to.

In the coming months it looks like we’re going to fill up the house a little more here at Eclipse. Anita has several new interns due to arrive, for horses, for domestic chores, for IT work. So we’re going to have new faces and voices and personalities to get to know. Should be good. Unless they annoy me of course, in which case good will not be the operative word. Fingers crossed hey?

That’s all for now folks.

Toodle pip.


Any thoughts?

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