I’ve Changed My Mind

Remember my last post?

I was all sunshine and laughter, welcoming October in like an old friend. I rambled on about how much better it was than last years and how I had good feelings about it.

I take it all back.

You think you know a guy. And then they go and ruin it all. October has let me down, betrayed me, taken my positive welcome and thrown it back in my face in an extremely wet and windy fashion. Sometimes I wonder why I bother being so nice.

I took Juan, Arantxa (the new stable intern from Mexico) and Mike (Sonny’s friend from Uni) out for a ride today. Juan likes to ride whenever he gets a chance, last weekend Mike hadn’t been able to so I promised him one the next time he came, and Arantxa needed to see the trail so that she can take treks in the future. So we saddled up horses and headed out. I took Miss Ruby, who was pretty well behaved for most of the ride. We had a couple of trots, and everyone was feeling happy so we went off in canter. The horses were enjoying being out and having fun, the riders all seemed to be having a good time. Happy days.

Until we got down to the river. The rain had picked up a bit by then but it was nothing too horrendous. We kicked off in canter, and Ruby suddenly spooked at a bird on the river. She nearly ran me into a bush but I managed to turn her at the last second and survive. The others, of course, all ended up swerving behind me as their horses tried to follow Ruby. We re-established order eventually, and kicked on again. Only for the rain to begin pelting with serious aplomb. As we rounded the tree at the top to come back down the field, it got violently wet. And I was right back in last October with that feeling of having wet myself, despite not having actually done so. Honest. It was such a familiar feeling, as it was that stunning Irish weather causing it again, that I almost announced it with a laugh. Until I realised that the others wouldn’t know what I was talking about. So I kept quiet and decided to share it with you, dear reader, instead.

It is still pouring with rain and the wind is lashing it at the windows. I am hiding in the office in the hope that it will die down soon. Because Arantxa and I still have to turn out some rather reluctant horses as well as fetch the donkeys and finish mucking out stables.

I’ve already changed my clothes once today.


Any thoughts?

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