Sea View

I have missed it!

Sometimes it takes seeing something for the first time in ages to make you realise how much you’ve missed it. Same with people, but I won’t digress from my point too much today. Promise.

The past few days have been good. After my total poop of a day on Wednesday and subsequent forced lifting of spirits, I haven’t had to do a great deal of forcing. Friday was a quiet day seeing Arantxa and myself helping in the holiday houses to get things completely turned around ready for the weekend groups. I also had a nice catch up chat with Adele on Friday and we successfully put two of our horses up for sale on donedeal in the hope that they will find more suitable homes. Also, check out the mountains on Friday morning. Eerily beautiful; I genuinely out-loud wow-ed when I opened the curtains.

And the weekend brought noise and laughter into the house. Saturday morning saw Sonny, Mike and Mike’s friend Rachel arrive for a few days. The boys were immediately plunged into muddy dirty activities with a stag group, and Rachel (being a horsey person) was happy enough to hang around on the yard with us. We had a nice chilled out chatty morning and then I plonked her and Arantxa on horses in the afternoon for a jumping session, after which we had an enjoyably relaxed ride out which was all I really had the energy to do. I was supposed to be jumping too, with Cleo, but my heart just wasn’t in it so I opted for the lazy option of cantering down the riverbank instead. It wasn’t until the evening that I realised there were, once again, ten people in the house. The living room was something of a squeeze when it came to X Factor time, but it was cosy and comfortable.

I was given Sunday afternoon off to spend with Sonny, which should have been put to better use than curling up on the sofa and watching The Expendables given that it was a beautiful day outside, but at the time it seemed like the perfect option. Sunday evening was spent playing pool and table tennis followed by an extremely late dinner during which Athos showered me with compliments and began making plans to help further my training. All of which was positive and wonderful and made me feel very valued indeed.

Fortunately today was once again, a stunner. Slightly chilly by all accounts, but still beautiful. A very leisurely morning was followed by Sonny ‘requesting’ that I take him to a hotel not far away for a meeting about a geological project he had completed for the manager. So off we went to Parknasilla. Apparently it’s one of the top hotels in Ireland, but no-one had warned me of that. Sonny had dressed up, but I figured that was more to do with wanting to look professional for his meeting than the nature of the place. After rocking up in jeans, boots and a hoody, I realised perhaps I should’ve glammed up a little bit more in order to fit in. Until I saw the attire of some of the guests and realised that their eccentric style made me look positively sophisticated. Phew.

It was interesting to hear Sonny talking to the hotel manager about the map he had made. While I don’t really understand most of the geological stuff he says, the dumbed down version he gave to explain things to the manager made sense and I got most of what he was saying. It was also nice to see that side of him, the articulate and professional young man rather than the silly excitable kid.

The highlight of my day, however, was finally being able to walk around the hotel grounds. When we were walking from the car park to the lobby, I was looking around thinking “wow…this is stunning”. Sonny seemed to read my thoughts as he turned to me and said “Nice isn’t it. We can go for a walk after if you like.” The manager then recommended the same thing at the end of their meeting, offering us lunch on him and suggesting we take a wander around. And so we did, thank you very please. Sonny went all serious and geologist-y on me, scowling at outcrops and complaining that he didn’t have the right shoes on to scout the area properly. I mostly left him to it, and wandered along in the glorious sunshine, soaking up every second of it. It was warm and oh so lovely out there. And the sea. I could see the sea.

It’s silly really, to think that I live so close to the sea out here but I never see it. I’ve always loved the coast. I think most of that is down to spending so much time in Exmouth with my grandparents and loving walking on the beach there. The coast over here is very rugged and wild, but it’s beautiful. We walked along, following a little path which was dotted with odd little things obviously part of some scavenger trail or something. The bird hotel rather took my fancy, much to Sonny’s amusement.

Every so often it would branch off and stop on the edge of the rocks, looking out at the sea. I couldn’t get enough of the view, the sun, the sea, just perfect. Loved it. After a while, Sonny decided he’d had enough of frowning at the rocks, and we headed back to the car and home.

I wasn’t expecting to be so happy to see the sea, but I really was. Something in me just lifted when I looked out at that view. The sea breeze was chilly but welcome against my skin, and the salty tang in the air felt so familiar. I felt so at home, hopping across a pebbly beach, choosing which rocks to put my feet on. It was wonderful. When Sonny asked me to take him out to the hotel, I was not expecting to get such a lovely afternoon from it.

I haven’t been out by the sea for a while. Not since the beach days with the kids in the summer, and back then I didn’t feel the same joy because it was more stressful than anything else. I was responsible for kids, and it wasn’t the right kind of beach for me really. I love pebbly beaches, I love cliffs, I love a wild sea and a whippy breeze. Flat sand and gentle lapping waves are nice, but they don’t give me that same rush.

So, while I am feeling a little sad now that Sonny has returned to Cork, I am also content. I got to see the sea, and it was good.


Any thoughts?

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