Homemade Houmous

It’s been a long time since I had houmous.

It was definitely worth the wait. My brother expressed disbelief recently when I informed him that I was living in a partially Greek household but had not consumed any houmous since being here. He suggested I fix that sharpish. And being me, I totally forgot about it. Until, that is, Athoulis came back for a few days.

And made houmous.

For those of you who don’t know or don’t remember from last year, Athoulis is Athos and Anita’s middle son who complained audibly that he had only featured in a single blog post. He seemed to think I ought to write an entire post about him, and while that’s not happening, I figured I ought to appease the poor boy and put him in to some significance. It has, in fact, been nice having him around even though he did make me rewind The Little Mermaid twice yesterday. He plays piano, so the house has been filled with lovely music and he convinced me to play Supermario Smash Bros (I think?) and didn’t laugh at me too much when I died, repeatedly from the same thing each time. And he made houmous. So, while I miss Sonny an awful lot, it is nice to have the entertaining company of his brother of an evening.

In other news, nothing much. We are continuing to work the horses and beginning to get ready for the upcoming Halloween Pony Camp. I have been doing some prep work so that the girls have no choice but to get their knowledge on with their stable management lessons. And I’ve even been getting excited about the prospects with riding lessons too. It should be a good week, I’m looking forward to it.

Skooch hurt his foot last week so I haven’t been able to work him much. I had to wrap his foot up in a poultice (Holme Lacy taught me well) and then bandage his legs and leave him on box rest for a few days. And since then the weather has been fairly foul which hasn’t exactly inspired me to get on.

Saying that, Adele (now that she’s back after her incident with the floor which resulted in her knee needing stitches) and I have been making considerable progress with Miss Maggie. Today, in fact, is the best she’s ever worked. We trotted for the first time off the lead rein. It was her first time with me rising to the trot too so her reaction (or lack thereof) was even more remarkable. Fab little thing. I was all sad and cranky this morning, but working with Maggie really cheered me up. It always does.

It is late, my computer is lagging badly and I am in need of sleep. I apologise for the dullness of this post. The lack of colour, the lack of emphasis, the lack of pictures. And probably the lack of eloquence too. But like I said, it is late, I am tired, and my computer is being ridiculous.



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