All My Loves

Let me share with you my loves

To make up for my rather disheartening and depressing post last time, this entry is intended to fill your screens with love. I shall share with you some of my current loves, and perhaps it will make your heart glad too.

I love

I love beautiful frosty November mornings with a view like this:

I love taking our two year old, Miss Maggie, on her first trek and also for her first ridden canter:

I love going to Cork for a nice break and to see my lovely boyfriend with some brilliant friends:

I love feeling better, like almost 100% again:

I love the thought of a visit home to see my lovely dogs, family and friends after nearly six months away:

I love, and this is what I love most of all, I love how many things I have to love in my life. I love that I feel this much love for the people, animals and things in my world. I love that feeling of happiness, you know the one that comes right from deep in your belly, the kind of feeling that spreads through you and keeps going until you can’t help but grin or skip or hug a pony. I love how many people I have around me to care about and I love how much I care.

I hope you have enjoyed sharing in some of my loves and that you know what yours are. If not, find out. Your loves will give you far more to live on than your hates or your worries or your fears. My fears are strong and chase me at all times, worming their way into my dreams and any stray thought, threatening to make me curl up in a ball and say “no, I can’t do this, I’m not strong enough, not good enough, I can’t cope” and my worries never cease clamouring for my attention. But my loves, ah my loves, they are better by far.

So love.


Any thoughts?

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