Hello and Goodbyes

Tinsel time!

December has come. It heralds the arrival of me digging out all the tinsel I can find and wearing it. I like tinsel. Last night we brought some decorations down from the attic at Adam’s behest. I am under instructions to decorate the house…oh no, poor me, how ever will I cope!?

And the decorations and such distract me from the fact that this is a sad week. Yesterday we bid adieu to Adele, our awesome Australian. I know we will see her again, as she’s only headed up to Galway for the moment and she’s left a load of stuff here with plans to return. So the sadness was tempered with this strange knowledge of not quite absence. It’s weird when people leave, especially when they’ve been here for a while. You get so used to having them around and then all of a sudden they’re not there anymore. At first it just feels like they’re on a day off or something, it’s not until several days have passed that you realise they’re not going to reappear.

And tomorrow I will be transporting the lovely Mexican, Arantxa, to the train station for her departure. She’s been here for around two months now, so it’s going to be odd to see her off too. And in her case I know it’s not likely I’ll see her again as she’ll be off to Mexico in the next few days. She’s been a valuable asset to the yard, and really good fun to be around, so she will be missed very much!

I am no good at goodbyes, they leave me feeling cold and hollow. I do not care for them. In some instances it is possible to say “see you later” or “until next time” instead of goodbye. And that always feels better.


Any thoughts?

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