Crazy Right?!

Christmas has come!

Well, kinda. I have decorated the Tsiopani household with gusto. Tinsel, baubles, trees, garlands. Oh yes! It was great fun and I don’t regret a thing. How could I, when it looks so pretty!? And don’t worry, I made sure it was December before I started.

I am now officially alone on the yard. Well, apart from the horses of course. Details. And, hurrah hooray caloo calay, I am pretty much healthy again which means I’m not struggling with all the yard work so much. I’m also starting a new fitness regime, making use of the gym equipment here in order to get my strength back properly. That way I’ll be able to really get back on the horse, so to speak. I can’t wait to be back on form and able to do all the things I’m used to being able to do. It’s been so long since I’ve felt capable of stuff that used to just be commonplace. It’s ridiculous how much fitness and strength I lost these past two months. But I’ll be back! I’ve missed the riding and feeling like I’m accomplishing things with the horses. Adele sent me pictures of Maggie’s first trek the other day and it made me really want to continue her training. Which I can only do once I have the energy.

Last night I had the great experience of going to see Hozier live in Cork. Thanks to Sonny who organised everything, pulling strings and such, I was able to enjoy an evening of seriously good music. I loved the sound of this guy and his band anyway, but having seen them live, I love it even more. The sound was fantastic and not having been to many live concerts, I really enjoyed the experience. Even if my feet were completely dead by the end of the night. I also got to spend the evening with Sonny, which is always a good thing.

And next weekend I’ll be heading home to see my family and friends. I’m beginning to really look forward to seeing everyone and spending a week at home, despite the building work.

This evening I caught myself in a strange moment. As I walked down the stairs with my laundry basket, I suddenly became conscious of my thought process which had apparently started with the question,

“How did I end up living here?”

Not in a bad way, don’t get me wrong. It was just a moment of wonder. I couldn’t quite match up all the stuff that’s going on in my life with who I am. And when I looked at that, I realised I didn’t recognise myself in the person I am. I think that’s only really because I never thought all this stuff would happen to me. It seems crazy to think of myself as a real adult doing adult things. It’s not what I expected.

It’s all good though. It can be odd to catch those thoughts as they happen though, those moments of extreme consciousness of your own existence.

And tonight?

WE GET A PUPPY!!!!!!!!!

Life is sweet.


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