Let’s Do A Flashback Or Two

Oh yes, it’s that time again friends!

New Years Eve. Tomorrow is a fresh year, yours, or his, or hers or theirs, or mine for the taking. Everything about it is unknown and shiny new and totally full of potential. So before I take that step into another year of my life, into the year in which I turn 25, into the year that could teach me new things, take me new places, meet me new people, I am going to allow myself a few flashbacks into this year. To remember the things I have already learned, the places I have already been and the people I have already met. Because those are the ones that have got me to today, and so they are just as important as the ones that will get me through to this time next year.

I will, however, only be recounting the things from which I have gained positive experiences. I have no desire to dwell on negative, depressing or saddening events. And so, I shall not.

January – I broke my ribs. Stop. No, this isn’t a negative. Okay so it hurt and it set me back a bit but I learned from it and I got better for it. It taught me to keep my head in the game and that even with a bit of pain, I can still ride a horse! I don’t remember much else about January, and I have no pictures to jog my memory. Flash forward.

February – it flooded a lot. And this time around MY CAR STAYED DRY. Yeah! I survived the floods. Abundantly better than previous wet patches, so I think we’ll agree to the positives here!

March – I participated in a charity fashion show to help my friend Sarah. It was a terrifying, exhilarating, daunting and fantastic experience. I both hated and loved every moment. I am proud that I did it though, all those clothes, the hair, the make-up, all of that stuff that is just so not me was somehow brilliant to experience. 

April – My lovely dad’s birthday was a wonderful affair. It was lovely to have the whole family together, going for dinner in the evening and generally just feeling good and having a happy time.

May – Study tour! A brilliant experience to see racers going up the gallops, meeting (and getting slobbered on by) a Grand National Champion, and watching all of my fellow classmates sleep in the minibus. Good stuff. May also brought a meal with the college girls to say goodbye after two years of studying and working together. Oh, and it was my birthday too, which was a very good day indeed. Hacking with Foxy and dinner with the family. Yup!

And I fed giraffes from my hand. Highlight of the entire year? Quite possibly!

June – College fun ride. I sat on a wall, for several hours, in shorts and jod boots and hi-viz looking the epitome of awesome, waving at all large vehicles. On the same day, I jumped Sonya’s pony for the first time, which was pretty awesome. June was also the month in which I finished working at the college. We had our awards ceremony at which I received a prize for being a swot, and on the 29th, I worked my last day on the yard. It was hard to drive away (no I’m not going sad, don’t panic) but I knew I’d stay in touch with my friends there and that it was only hard because it had been good. I was moving forward to the next thing, even though I didn’t know what that was yet completely.

July – Back to the Emerald Isle. On the first day of July, I arrived back in Ireland to return to the Eclipse Centre. Little Blue zipped across the beautiful countryside depositing me at a familiar door. I was reunited with old friends and made plenty of new ones. July was a warm month, full of kids and horses and entertainment from all corners. July was a good month, one I remember with pure fondness and joy.

July swimming July view

August – Despite my initial thoughts, I remained at Eclipse for another month. Another month filled with children (oh the horror) and horses (yay) and friends and fun and mostly good weather. The end of the month also saw me take on the role of temporary yard manager after Ginny left. A new opportunity for me, and one I was both scared of and excited by.

happy with cleo healy pass august how many fucks

September – Running the yard with Adele. We played with the horses and generally had a great time keeping things going. The season was quieting down and we were enjoying just training and progressing with whatever horses we chose. Maggie began her training in earnest, and showed her potential quickly. Ruby started coming on beautifully, and all things were pretty much peachy. Until Adele left for Galway, but even then the main downturn was having to muck out twelve stables on my own. I knew she was coming back you see! And everywhere was still beautiful. At the end of the month I also found myself in a proper relationship, which was unexpected and caused me much happiness and fear over the months to follow.

October – Brought Antxa to us, the wonderful and highly amusing Mexican. She quickly became an invaluable part of the yard and the house, always making me laugh with her strange humour and even stranger tendency to pull faces when she thought no-one was looking! The work with the horses continued and the Halloween camp was a big boom of success. Even the weather was fairly kind!

November – It got colder. Adele, Juan and I journeyed to Cork for a couple of days during which we got our hair cut, had dinner with Sonny and watched the third Hunger Games movie. Oh, and we tried on hats and stuff too.

December – We had a kids day, involving a lot of peculiar and entertaining conversations with a much loved family. Antxa and Adele both departed for different destinations, leaving me to run the yard on my own (not all bad, don’t fret) and giving me the opportunity to test my mettle. It was hard, and I had unfortunately been quite badly ill for a long period of time which made day to day work really rather difficult. I stuck it out though and survived. I went to see Hozier live in Cork with Sonny and a couple of his friends which was awesome! I loved the experience, and still love the music. WE GOT A PUPPY. I visited my family for a much needed week. It was great to be back with them and our dogs, despite the blocked up kitchen and cold air whistling through all the time. Building work is trying! Christmas! I spent my first christmas away from home and enjoyed good food and company. I also received unexpected gifts from Anita and Athos, and Adam, all of which were lovely and very generous of them. My family had sent me home with a whole suitcase full of presents, and I was delighted by everything. I know some extremely thoughtful and loving people.

bearpup kidsday

And so we come to today. The end. Tomorrow all of these things will have happened ‘last year’, a thought I can never quite get my head around. I will remember all of these things with deep fondness. The less wonderful things? Do not deserve a place, neither in my blog nor my memory. Some will worm their way in regardless of whether I want them to, but I will not do them the courtesy of thinking about them. For it is only with positive thought and pro-active decisions that we move forward.

2015 will move me further forward than ever.

I know it!


Any thoughts?

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