I Can’t Even…

You know how sometimes you just can’t?

Yeah, me too.

This weekend has been a bit of an explosion of activity. Saturday saw a birthday party for 12 year old twins hit the yard. BOOM. Twelve kids playing pony games. In all fairness, they were nice kids and they listened and they all joined in and seemed to have a good time. The ponies were (mostly) well behaved and Antoine made a very convincing Grandma. The less said the better.

In the evening Sergi and his father, Pau, arrived for their weeks stay with us. And I made a cheesecake from scratch (hooray it worked) for the first time.

Today was a horse day. Between us, Antoine and I administered dewormer to all fourteen horses and ponies. Some were easier than others. Buddy got the shock of his life when we pounced on him, Antoine swiftly grabbing his tongue so that he couldn’t close his mouth or pull his head away. He stood afterwards looking thoroughly confused about how he had just been duped into accepting wormer. Poor old boy.

Having completed that, and cleaned the spa thoroughly of yesterdays mud (thanks kids//stags), I then proceeded to bathe Ruby in a hibi-scrub solution. When I say bathe, I mean the only part of her that didn’t get washed and rubbed and dubbed was her head. I used warm water, don’t worry, and a nice lot of hibi-scrub to try and kill off these nasties that are prolonging her rain scald. I rinsed her off, with more warm water of course, and then scraped off as much as I could. Towel drying came next before wrapping her up in a nice soft fleecy rug.

The poor girl thought her ordeal was over when I dumped a scoop of beet pulp in her feed trough, but that was just a ruse. I then attacked her with a needle. Antibiotic injection to help the rain scald and mud fever problem from the inside. The poor love has been suffering for a while. I thought she was getting better after administering a tea tree bath solution every day, but then I discovered more scabs on her legs where there hadn’t been any before. So antibiotics were called in to help banish the monsters.

I feel accomplished with all of that though. And I’m so glad that Ruby is on her way to getting better. She’s been a worry of mine. Fingers crossed all this stuff helps.

Bear is being naughty. He is beginning to get an opinion and likes to voice it whenever possible. Cheeky pup! I growled at him and knocked him over today. He listened after that. Daft dog.

And now all the careful oh-so-fragile walls I’ve been rebuilding to help myself get upright again have been completely shattered apart.
I am undone again.

And I am tired,

I am so tired.


Any thoughts?

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