How easily we are overwrought

I am full to the brim and the slightest wobble will have me spilling all over the place. It is hard to maintain this balance. I slip occasionally and a few drops slide over the edge, but I work hard to keep myself contained. It is hard though.

Indecision and worry gnaw at me like little insects, pulling at me and driving me to distraction. Doubt floods in and fills the gaps they leave. I curse myself for rash decisions and mistrust, and then berate myself for coming down so hard on myself. I call myself a fool, an idiot, a silly girl. I realise, no I am not, I am merely human. But none of those comforts I try to provide for myself can solve my quandary.

My mind is split, my heart aches and my hand may be fractured.



2 thoughts on “Troubles

    • I am sorry to hear that. But you are right, we will get through. Us horsey types are hard to keep down. I hope you are feeling better, I am sending love and strength to you 🙂

Any thoughts?

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