Fighting Fit

It’ll come. It bloody better!

The road to fitness and strength is never an easy one. But I can honestly tell you, OW!

By the summer I am going to be the fittest I have ever been, guaranteed. How do I know this? Because I am working harder than ever. The past few days have seen me riding half hour trot sets with the players, one after the other. That’s about two hours of trotting per day, almost solidly give or take the odd break to untack one set and tack up the next. My stomach muscles are sore. Extremely so.

And my bum hurts. I checked in the mirror expecting to see bruises or red marks but nothing. Just ouch. My arms are burning by the time I get home in the evenings, my shoulders and neck are stiff and achey, and I have bruises everywhere.

I am basically completely shattered and battered. My body is going through that transition from being shit to being fit. Well, I was fit enough to start, but now my muscles are really going for it. Much to my surprise, while I am suffering in aches, I am managing with all this riding rather well. I’m not puffing too much or going dizzy or struggling to keep going. So that’s good, better stamina and strength than I anticipated. Hurrah.

We’re going to start cantering them tomorrow. Yay.

I had a bonding moment with one of the girls earlier. I was preparing the last three for their set, brushing down their legs and such ready for bandaging. One of them, Magic, took the opportunity to lean into me with her whole head and request a good old head massage. I obliged, quietly rubbing her poll and around the base of her ears. Which, despite her problems about having her ears touched, she loved. Even while I was tacking her up, she followed me around the stable if she could. I went over to the stable door to fetch the numnah, turned around and bam, Magic’s head on my shoulder. While I rolled up the bandages from earlier ready to put on, she nudged me continuously, turning her head to one side requesting more scratches and cuddles. What a cutie.

Also, turns out these horses are worth some money! The level of responsibility sky-rocketed when I was told I was sitting on £30,000. Eep!

But, it’s all good. Happy face.


2 thoughts on “Fighting Fit

    • Yeah it’s pretty good 🙂 I was amazed that I’ve been able to handle it without collapsing to be honest. I think it’s helping, I’m definitely getting stronger and I think it helps with my position too. Polo riding is similar to western with the neck-reining and it certainly helps my drop my shoulders and relax in the saddle 🙂

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