Happy Days!

I’m so glad I took this job!

I have a circular bruise with tooth marks on my left arm. Earlier today I had no feeling in my bum. My legs are aching insanely. I have knots on knots in my shoulders. My stomach muscles are so tender it hurts to touch the skin. There are little cuts and scrapes all over my hands and I’ve no idea where they came from. My hand is almost completely better from the fracture though…

And I am happy.

Today I laughed so much I couldn’t breathe or move. I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. We started cantering the players and I had a variety of experiences from a horse that wouldn’t move to one that wouldn’t stop. I also went on a hack with Louise, riding one of her lovely horses, jumping logs and rails and galloping full pelt around a field because we had no brakes.

It was an exhausting run around kill all your muscles and want to collapse at the end of it kind of day. But it was brilliantly funny. I love that I am working with people I can laugh with, who are on the same wavelength, who I can learn from and who seem to appreciate having me around and the efforts I make.

I love this.


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