If Wishes Were Fishes

Then I wouldn’t be vegetarian anymore I suppose.

My hand is still broken. Obviously. It’s only been a couple of days since I told you to start with. Yeah. So that sucks. But, here are three things I am currently thinking about.

  1. I’d forgotten how much Michael McIntyre makes me laugh. So much my stomach hurts. So much I can’t breathe. Sometimes so much a little bit of wee comes out…
  2. Watching good ballet gives me chills. It’s beautiful, I love it. I must start actually going to performances and watching it live.
  3. I want a horse and a dog for my own. Being in this environment where everyone is independent and looking after themselves as well as their animals, I want to do that too! Really badly.

Also, I miss my yellow shoes. I used to have this pair of bright sunshine yellow mid-heeled shoes. They were gorgeous and I couldn’t help but feel good when I wore them. They were my ‘walking on sunshine’ shoes. They died a death when the heels basically wore out completely. I hope I find something like them again one day.

That’s all.


Any thoughts?

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