In Case You Didn’t Know…

It’s election day. Who knew?!

You’d think they’d do a load of media coverage really given that it’s a general election. But whatever. Apparently it’s the day we, the citizens of a democratic country, have the opportunity to exercise our rights and make our voices heard. By heading to a polling station and putting a cross in a box on a card and putting that card into a box for someone to put on a pile later while they try not to lose count of how many cards they’ve added to that pile. Sounds fun right?

I haven’t voted yet. Not because I’m a lazy hypocrite who comments on the government being shit without bothering to add my lonely crossed card to a pile of other crossed cards. But because I don’t know where the local polling station is. So I’m waiting for my parents to get back from work this evening and I’ll go with them. Yeah.

I’m a functioning member of society.

Until then, I’m drawing giraffes and listening to upbeat music and occasionally dancing around my kitchen much to the disapproval of my dogs.

A citizen with democratic rights.

That’s me.


Any thoughts?

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