I am not ready for this!

A glance at my phone screen this morning told me it is the last day of May. Which, in turn, leads me to the realisation that tomorrow it will be June. JUNE?! I think I have missed a few months or something because somehow I am just not prepared for it to be halfway through the year already. A part of my brain must be stuck in January or something, because my head is telling me that we’ve only just started 2015, there’s no way we can be almost half way done with it already.

But then, I reason to myself, of course we must be. I have had a birthday and that doesn’t happen until we’re close to the summer. And the sun is out more and more these days; that sure as hell isn’t true in the Great British Wintertime. I can walk around wearing pumps instead of boots and I don’t need a coat or jacket every time I leave the house. My skin feels healthier because of the sunshine, and the light lingers longer and longer every night so that my poor excuse of a blind and curtains barely do anything at all. I think I need a black one because seriously, I go to bed and I can still see everything with the lights off and my contact lenses out!

I suppose there is little to be done about it being June tomorrow. All I can resolve to do is hope that it will be a good month, seeing as we are to have it regardless of our preparation levels.

And so I hope June is wonderful. For myself, as there may be changes for the better coming my way and I would like very much for them to happen. The sense of moving forward and seizing opportunity is something I have been missing of late. If June treats me well, I will be extremely appreciative.
I also hope that June is brilliant for you. May it bring you more highs than lows, more sunshine than rain and as many good experiences as you can cram in. I hope it is a month of laughter and friendship and opportunities. May you be brave enough to take said opportunities and not end up wondering ‘what it?’ I hope that, in June, you are able to reach a goal or two, complete a task, fulfil a wish, make a dream reality. Things have a way of coming back to us, so if in May or April or March or even February, you missed out on a chance or lost your way or forgot what it was you wanted and haven’t found a way of fixing it yet, well then have faith that June may just be your ticket to a joyful solution. Because, as there is no escape, we might as well embrace it wholeheartedly and say “oh, hey June, you spun around quickly, I wonder what you’ll bring for me this time” and make the best of every day of June. Because before we know it, it’ll be July. And that just doesn’t bear thinking about for the moment!

So instead, I’ll just think about tomorrow instead, as suggested by Fleetwood Mac.



Any thoughts?

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