In Which Megan Almost Forgets to Say “Yes”

I love it when I have good news to share with you!

And boy, do I ever have some news. I wonder if you’ll remember a little while ago I wrote a rather teasing post in which I hinted at something so incredibly exciting that I didn’t actually dare tell anyone what it was? Of course you do, because you probably thought it was cruel of me to drop such hints and not see it through. Well, just because it’s you and because you asked so nicely, I shall now ease your suffering and give you the information you’ve been dying to know. Because (spoiler alert) everything is working out rather nicely.

So…let’s back track.

When I wrote that blog post a couple of weeks ago, it was because I had just applied for a job. And, in fact, had already had a reply and been in conversation with someone about it. It was an exciting prospect, and it was a big step as I hadn’t had the motivation to apply for anything for a while. But this particular advert had shaken me awake and reminded me that actually, maybe I did want to get back out there after all. What was the advert you ask? I’ll get to it, hold your horses (…ha…)

So, I applied for this job, with horses obviously, and had been asked to send in a video of me riding so that they could make sure I was actually capable of sitting on a horse. I didn’t have one at the time, so I replied telling them I could get one but it would have to be a week later. I was told that was fine, so I made plans to get myself on film during my next lesson with Kelly.

The reason I didn’t divulge even this little bit of information is because I could see the potential for a really exciting opportunity but I didn’t want to get too hopeful about it in case it didn’t work out. Which meant that telling everyone was a no-no, the questions and such would have killed me if I’d ended up unsuccessful. Also, I hate being asked a million questions when I don’t know the outcome yet and I’m just as impatient and anxious about it myself. So I kept fairly quiet, only telling a few people. Mostly family, and a couple of friends.

A week later, Kelly helped me get a video together and I sent it across to the yard in question. Early the next morning I had a reply waiting, “When are you available to come on trial?”

Wow. I squeaked at my laptop. It was quickly arranged that I would go and do my trial on the 11/12th June, basically in a weeks time from the email exchange and two weeks on from my initial application. The week in between arranging and completing the trial, I was busy as it was during that week that Ben and I went to Chester, and I was working for Laura on the dressage yard during the week. Wednesday evening rolled around and I left for my trial, arriving with them around 9pm. I was shown around the yard, to where I would be staying, and given a brief run down of how things would happen by one of the grooms.

I spent two days working, getting up and mucking out with the others in the morning, fetching horses in and out, loading lorries and riding. I rode twice each day. On my first day, while riding one of the horses, the owner/creator/boss came over and called me to him to give me some advice and tutelage. I thought I was going to cry/wee myself at one point as having a prestigious horseman and trainer come to talk to me and watch me ride was almost too intimidating. Somehow I held myself together though and tried my best to respond appropriately and do what he wanted me to do until he left. The girl I was riding with then told me that it was a good sign that he’d come over as it meant he was interested in me and my riding, and that if he’d thought I wasn’t worth having around he would have ignored me completely. I was slightly calmed by that, but still felt a little unnerved and had this sinking feeling in my stomach that I had completely blown my chances.

The second day was much quieter and we hacked the horses out down the lanes instead of schooling, giving them a chance to relax. I enjoyed working with the two girls and started to feel comfortable in the environment. Two days isn’t really long enough to get a real feel for the routine etc, but I think I managed well enough. I certainly kept up with the others and once I’d learned where things went, I mostly remembered.

About an hour before I was due to finish my trial, the manager of the farm/estate/administrations came and found me to have a chat about how my trial had gone. I told her I’d enjoyed it and felt that things had gone well. She then asked me if I would be likely to accept should the full time position be offered to me. Not really twigging yet, I said that yes I thought I would probably accept the job. So she waited until eventually she said “well I’d like to offer you the job, so would you like it?”

“OOOOOH” I replied, suddenly catching up to the conversation, “Oh, sorry, yes please I would, I’d love to accept it, thank you.” The relief was visible on her face. It must have been a bit confusing to get my non-committal responses at first. I just hadn’t clicked. Mostly because I didn’t really believe that she would actually be offering me the job.

So there you have it. I have a new job. Cool right?

Oh. You want to know what it is? Fine.

Have you heard of The Devil’s Horsemen? Go here:

Heard of Lloyds Bank? Warhorse? Game of Thrones? They train the horses for these things. Films, TV series, adverts. You name it, one of their horses was probably in it. A-mazing! They tour the country doing shows including trick riding, stunts and chariot racing. They travel to film sets across the UK and Europe providing beautifully trained horses for more major films and tv programmes than you can shake a stick at. They have a yard full of stunning stallions and gorgeous geldings all of whom are well schooled and can do various tricks.

And I am going to be joining their team of grooms. I will be working with the others to look after all of the horses, including the exercise of several each day. Once I have had some training I will be included in travelling to shows and film sets. Oh and did I mention I get to ride some very beautiful and well trained horses? Yup.

I am currently a mixture of terrified and excited and disbelieving. Watching these guys perform at the Three Counties Show, three years ago, was part of my inspiration to start going down the equine route. I’ve always loved watching them perform and wondered what it must be like to be a part of their world. And now I get to live it myself. I do not think my brain will fully accept this for a while. I keep expecting to wake up and find out it was all a dream or something. I think by the time I have been bitten by more stallions than I can remember, it will have sunk in. Or maybe when I have remembered the names of the 80+ horses they have. Whichever comes later.

So you have it. My news. I move in on the 17th.



2 thoughts on “In Which Megan Almost Forgets to Say “Yes”


    Celebrity horses!!!!!!!

    I’m sorry, this news has bypassed the part of my brain that makes words make sentences. I need to go and lie down now because I’m too excited.

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