The Wicked Witch Of The West

It’s so flipping hot!

I have spent my day mostly trying to breathe! It is so crazy brain frying hot. And I haven’t even had to do much today! It’s my day off, so I’ve been able to just chill out and relax. Yesterday was just as sweltering though, so I know how bad it is for everyone working today. It’s hot enough just sitting in the kitchen, which is the coolest place on the farm at the moment.

We Brits are just not prepared for heat are we? I mean seriously, the sun comes out and we burn, sweat and complain. Ha! We’re good at that, complaining. It’s too windy, too cold, too rainy, too hot, too muggy, too cloudy, too bright, too dark. Little wonder the weather is constantly changing on us, we can’t make our minds up as to what it is we want! It is amazing to have this proper summer though. Yes the heat is driving us all to irritability, it’s making the horses sweat just standing in their stables, and it’s making every little job that bit harder because no-one has any energy left. But it is glorious really.

I have some beers in the fridge and I’ve been thinking about little else all day. Somehow I have managed to resist, given that I know I’ll be driving us to Asda this evening. It has been hard not to just chip one open though.

Despite doing very little other than my laundry and a failed attempt at making meringues (it’s so hot the mixture had melted before I was even able to cook it), I feel totally fatigued.

I am melting. Quite literally melting. Hence the wicked witch thing. While she melts with water, I am melting through sunshiiiiine. And again, I know I shouldn’t complain because it is wonderful to have the sunshine showing its face. Permeating everything and infusing me with Vitamin D. Oh yes! While the heat creates irritability, it also generates the fabulous Vit D, which is essential for happy faces. And happy faces are what we like!

Also, although I no longer have a farmers tan, I also don’t have a tan anywhere other than my arms, chest and back. Which means that wearing anything other than a strappy top and jeans/jods makes me look a bit odd. Ah well, such is life. There are other things.

Like cold beer and chocolate cake.

Stay happy kids.


Any thoughts?

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