Yes. Ponies. Lots Of Ponies.

I’m never going to be a real grown up!

I was on facebook earlier and I saw that a friend of mine from school has got engaged. Which made me think “Hmm wow, people are growing up and doing adult stuff and being proper grown ups, that’s pretty awesome.” And I was content to think that for a bit, until I realised that I am not one of those real adult people. It came to me that I may never be. Is that okay? I think so.

My life consists of playing with ponies and then talking about ponies and looking at ponies and thinking about ponies. That is my job. I am not a real grown up at all. Not even a little bit.

This coming weekend I will be going to my first show with the team. Should be a good weekend. I suspect I will be working quite hard but it should be fun nonetheless.

And yes, I have been riding lots and grooming lots and mucking out lots. I went home for my most recent day off and the most memorable comment from my family was “wow your shoulders are massive!” So that was nice. They did take me for dinner though so, can’t complain too much I suppose. Nice dinner it was too.

It was lovely to see them all and good to get a change of scenery from the farm for a day or so. And lovely to squeeze my Boobiloo!

Apologies again from the lapse in contact, like I said before, internet, kitchen, busy, horses, CRAZY WHIRLWIND LIFESTYLE. Yeah.



Any thoughts?

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