In Which Megan Repeats Herself (Probably)

In which Megan repeats herself… (see what I did there??!)

Since we last spoke, I’ve been busy. Yeah. I’ve travelled around a fair bit, mostly to Scotland, and the odd bit of filming. Ah the glam life I do lead. I’ve also been working my butt off and trying not to get stressed by the insane amount of stuff that’s going on at the moment. We’ve got something like seven different jobs going on this week, and nowhere near enough people to cover it all. I’ll be off to Kent tomorrow for a filming job. Which means staying in a hotel, and I do love a good hotel. Very exciting.

I’ve also had a couple of opportunities to see my family on days off which has been very lovely. Mum and both boys came to see me here at the farm a few weeks ago. They took me for lunch, following which Angus made us some killer cocktails. That was a merry old evening for sure. And it was on that day that Ben gave me some interesting and not half bad advice. “If you find yourself in an awkward situation, just diffuse it by bursting into spontaneous song”

If I followed that, I’d have spent the past four days singing non-stop to diffuse the stress that has been flying around. It’s been one hell of a weekend. Just so much happening.

I am still happy though. Tired yes, mildly stressed yes and physically falling apart yes. But happy also. I love ponies (you mean you didn’t know?!) and getting to work with such a lovely bunch is still a joy. On my worst days I just remind myself that the cool parts of this job are simply the coolest, and it makes it worth it. It’s also wonderful to have such good people to work with. Making friends with my colleagues is a bonus, and it means I have some lovely girls to go to dinner with and watch silly movies with and drink too many cocktails/shots with. My first serious hangover was a beaut.

Want to know more about the ponies? Sure.

I have ridden so many here now that I’ve lost count of the number of different horses I’ve sat on. It’s a lot anywhoo. I prefer the smaller ones, the lighter more spanishy ones. For no reason other than that I feel more in proportion riding them and less like my legs are inadequate. Not that my muscle power could be called inadequate these days. I have built up some serious strength. My mother comments on my rugby-player-rivalling shoulders every time I see her.

I digress.

For example, I enjoy riding Tino, a little black stallion who, although he has his moments, is a sweetheart. He is small and compact with some serious energy. He whizzes around the school, covering ground in no time. When he throws a hissy fit it’s more funny than anything else, because he just starts bouncing on the spot chucking his head around. Silly pony. But his flowing mane and high stepping little legs sure do get some admiring looks from passing farmers/polish workers.

Cal is another delight to ride. You know when kids made balls out of elastic bands and when you bounce them you can never quite be sure which direction they’re going to ping off in? Yeah, that’s Cal. He’s a totally gorgeous white stallion with a flashy mane and a naughty face and spider legs. He can gallop, as I established the first time I sat on him for a doubling job and we flew across the field. He has a lovely light canter, and his trot is horrendously bouncy but it just makes me giggle. I love him, but then it’s almost impossible not to.

And I’ll tell you what else. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but we mostly ride in sitting trot here. Something I was slightly uncomfortable about at first. I never enjoyed sitting trot at college, it was more a chore than anything else. Now, however, it is automatic. In fact, every so often we force ourselves to do rising trot just so that our muscles don’t forget how! There are the occasional ponies on which sitting trot is so agonising that we give up and rise anyway, but on the whole my body has adjusted to the constant sitting and my butt sticks to that saddle like it’s been glued on. My instructors would be so proud! Longer stirrups are my game now too! I have a nice comfy dressage saddle which I use for riding, and the stirrups are on the BOTTOM hole! In fact, I’m considering finding some longer leathers so that I can continue dropping them and lengthening the old leg muscles. I’m doing it slowly though. Don’t want to stress my poor old body.

I would continue to regale you with pony related stories and anecdotes about that time last week when I walked into the dumper and everyone laughed, but I really am too tired. Instead I shall leave you to your day, and remind you that spontaneous song and dance are a sure fire way to solve any awkward, stressful of conflicted situation.

So let that music fly!


Any thoughts?

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