On Time Flying And Megan Managing Not To

Let’s just say I’ve been busy and leave it at that!

Yes. I realise it has been a month since I last posted anything. I’d have thought you’d be used to my somewhat irregular bursts of contact by now. Suffice it to say, life with the Devil’s leaves me with little time or energy to write anything coherent. But today is a day off, for which I have returned home to snuggle my dogs. And so, I find myself a-blogging. And of course, you’re over the moon!

I don’t remember what I wrote about a month ago. But I didn’t give you any pictures did I? Well, given that today I actually have some decent Wifi, I shall do just that so you can put images to the things I tell you.

So, what to tell you?!
Well. Shows, filming etc. Basically. I’ve done a number of shows now, and since that first one where I was thrown in with little preamble and fell off a horse rearing over backwards and all that jazz, I’ve been really enjoying them. Cantering around on pretty ponies, life doesn’t get much better!

My parents were able to come to one of the shows to see me which was fantastic! I wasn’t even nervous about them watching me, which was nice. And they were proud, of course. Mind you, I did have the beautiful Prince for that show which meant I was grinning wildly the whole time on my stunning Friesian stallion.

That show was also the first time I got thrown up onto the Pyramid. Heard of Roman Riding? Where one person rides around on two horses, one foot on each. Well the Devil’s do that, but they add in a Pyramid which is a similar thing but with extra people. As shown in the following picture.

Having never done anything like that before, and given only five minutes practice time immediately before the show, I was slightly nervous about going up there for the first time but I needn’t have been. Although I almost ended up doing the splits a few times, it went well and was a totally exhilarating experience. I was up there again the following weekend during a Wild West show, it’s a rather addictive feeling.

Having my parents come and watch a show was great, and despite the bad weather I really enjoyed that weekend. I loved that they were able to see me doing one of the more exciting parts of my job, and was very grateful to my lovely dad for taking some photos so that I had evidence of my exploits.

I was given the chance to spend a week in south wales on a filming job last week which was another good experience. I enjoyed my time there, although the novelty of living in a hotel wears off after a day. The horses they have there were on the farm when I first started but disappeared off to wales within a couple of weeks so it was nice to see them again. It gave me another chance to work on set, which is always a slightly surreal experience what with actors and crew running around all over the place. On my last day there I found myself as a costumed groom, looking particularly lovely and medieval so that I could look after and hold horses while the camera was rolling. That was a long day but I wasn’t forgotten and even had members of the crew appearing with cups of tea and mars bars every so often.

Aside from the shows and filming, I’m also continuing to work hard at the farm. We have very few horses left this month as we sent masses off to Ireland a couple of weeks ago. That’s not to say there isn’t anything to do. There is always something to do at the farm! And we have a bit of a laugh at the same time. I feel fortunate to get on well with the people I work with. It makes life much easier and means I actually want to socialise outside of work hours. I do hope that statement didn’t shock anyone too much, I know it probably sounds a little strange coming from grumpy old me.

Today I have returned home for my day off, mostly in order to cuddle my dogs and enjoy a dumper truck free morning. It is nice to have a total crash out day once in a while. I have spent it in my pyjamas. Oh yes! And I’m not even thinking about the drive back to the farm yet. I’ve got other things to do first, like walk my lovely dogs and get dressed and sort out my washing. Not necessarily in that order.

Dear reader, I do hope things are going as well for you as they are me. If they are not, I have no doubt that they will get better. And if they are, then that is just fantastic. Let’s make the most of the good times. Winter is on the way and grouchy Meg will soon be out to play.

See you in another month or so folks! I’d like to say I’m joking but I’m almost certainly not.

Bye now.


Any thoughts?

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