Christmas Jumpers

I can’t wait for November to be over!

We have almost all of our horses back at the farm now. There is only a handful left over in Ireland, the rest have come home and are reminding us all what it’s like to have a full yard. All of the stables are full, and the herd is replenished. There was a fair bit of kicking and squealing initially, but they seem to have settled back in quite well.

It’s funny though really, how some horses have more of an effect on me than others. I work with some very beautiful animals. The stallions are full of character and can’t help but announce their presence at every given moment. There are noble faces and flowing manes and shiny coats in every other stable. And yet. The horse that put a big smile on my face when I went to feed him the morning after his return was none of those. He is a slightly crusty funny shaped old thing with none of the glimmering locks and proud features that some of the others have. But it was his face that made me feel happy that day. Strange how it works like that sometimes.

The same can be said for people of course. It’s just down to who you have that affection for I guess. I am fond of all of the horses here, bar a few, and would hate for anything bad to happen to them. But there are a select number for which I feel genuine deep affection. And of course, there are even fewer people… Horses are better than people you see. Most of the time anyway!

Winter is coming. The immortal words. It really is though, no word of a lie! Everything is taking a turn for the worse up there in the sky. We’ve started to get some seriously strong winds coming through the farm, often accompanied by that most delightful rain which stings and burns as it pelts you in the face from the most atrocious angle. Everything just feels cold once you’ve been out in it, even if it stops after half an hour. It gets deep into your bones and settles there, making you feel miserable and crotchety for the rest of the day. I don’t mind the grey skies so much, the clouds and such. It’s the stuff that comes out of them which bothers me. But then, it is November already (and yes I am totally aware that my last post was two months ago and I’m not going to apologise because I’ve explained myself fully several times before so shush and just be grateful I’ve written something at all), so worsening weather and colder nights are to be expected. I love my wool blanket!

Things are quietening down a little here given that the shows are over and filming jobs are more spread out. Although we now have a cacophony of faces around the yard what with Lithuanian riders/yard hands and some of the boys coming in to school horses and prep them for actors lessons and photo shoots.

Oh, and exciting things too! I’ve now had two trick riding lessons thanks to Adam, one of the riders/horse masters. He’s one of the faces popping in and out of the farm of late, and has managed to find time to offer trick riding lessons to the grooms on a couple of occasions. It’s hard to fit things like that in to our daily routine as we have a lot to do what with the yard to maintain and horses to exercise and such. But somehow we’ve managed to fit them in, and they’ve been good fun. I think I pulled a hamstring during the first one, as I was rather sore for a few days. I also got some beautiful bruises thanks to smashing my legs beneath straps and the like, but it’s great to be learning something new. So far I’ve learned and practiced three versions of a ‘wing’. I was also made to vault on to a 17hh horse from standstill. Not my most elegant moment… But I’ve been looking forward to learning to trick ride since being involved in all the shows, so I’m very happy to have finally found the time to start picking it up.

Everywhere is getting ready for Christmas. And, as it turns out, we at The Devils Horsemen are no exception. We are putting on a pantomime. Cinderella on horseback from what I hear. I have absolutely no idea what my involvement will be, but I am looking forward to it in a strange way. It means more work for all of us but I think volumes of glitter and Christmas music and costumes should more than make up for that. I do love a bit of glitter. And tinsel. I bloody love tinsel. And sparkly things. I do so love Christmas!

Why, just the other day I bought two new Christmas jumpers simply because I couldn’t resist. Sparkles and Christmas trees and stars and oh so many wonderful things. I love it. I want to fill my room with tinsel and lights and baubles and cushions with reindeer faces on and glittery things. Oh dear.

That’s all for now folks.

Megatron salutes you!


Any thoughts?

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