How Fast The Snow Melts

It still strikes me as a little strange.

We had one day of snow here at the devils. Sunday saw me rising at 2.30am (yeah I know right) to go filming in London for the day. I layered up and headed out of my snug room to feed the ponies and found…snow. Of course being the brilliantly positive and joyous person that I am, I was delighted. Wait, now that I think of it, that’s a lie. Don’t get me wrong, snow is pretty and all but so damned inconvenient. I was not keen on the whole filming all day in the freezing snow thing. But in London it was all just slush so we were able to pretend to be in Australia with few problems.

Within a day, the snow was gone. We’d had quite a heavy coating at the farm so to find it just went “poof” was surprising. So quick. And it got me to thinking how fast things happen when you’re not paying attention. Like how it’s mid-January 2016. I have no concept of getting to this point. Years are nothing really are they? So fleeting and fragile in their existence. I didn’t do the standard “look back at your year” post and I don’t think I’m going to. Suffice it to say, stuff happened. And I know for sure that this year, more stuff well happen.

More stuff, you cry? What sort of stuff? Well my friend, to that I can give you no solid answer.
I know that this year I will turn 26. How I’ve got so old I guess I’ll never know.
I know that this year I will continue to work with the horses here at the devils. I hope this will continue to bring me opportunities to go filming and take part in shows, to learn trick riding and to carry on riding the variety of horses we have here. But I do not know what exactly will happen within my world of work this year. I rarely know what will happen in a day!
I know that this year I will fall more in love with the world, as I am glad to say I do every year. Each passing moment of beauty drops me deeper.
And I know that this year my family and friends will be as important and wonderful and beautiful and crazy and magnificent as they always are. I hope to see some of them throughout the year. But I also know that all the best plans fall apart and amazing things can happen when you last expect it. So I shall simply enjoy any chance I get to see or talk to the people I love best.

I have not made resolutions as such. I know how bad I am at keeping them, so I rarely bother these days. But I have suggested things to myself, quietly, and I hope not to let myself down over them.

The point of this post was simply to remark on how strange I find it that things can be so temporary and gone so quickly. And yet I suppose it is given that every moment we have is merely temporary, a stolen snatch of time that we try to bundle up into a memory or cling onto and stretch out. Life is no permanent thing and so I think what I am trying to say in a very muddled and convoluted way, is that I am grateful for the moments I have, for the things I do and the people I cross paths with. I may not always show it, but I do enjoy my life, however brief it may be in the grand scheme of things. It can end as fast as the snow melts, so I think we all ought to make the most of every temporary minute. Because then we will know that this year and every year, we will be the best that we can be.

With love darlings, and I hope your fingers aren’t as cold as mine!


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